Unconditionally Dalton is a simple show talking about anything and everything even if it makes sense or not.

This show we promise you will not be winning any type of awards for sure, and we are 100% OK with that states the 3 old friends, Joe LePera, Patrick Muricki and Host, Doc Dalton.

Just so you know, Doc is also known as The Depressed Poet because he has suffered from depression/mental illness for over 35 years. Trust us claims LePera, this just makes the show more interesting in an offbeat type of way. Two of the guys are in their 60’s, and one is in his 70’s and they have been friends for over 40 years and decided to have a little fun and show others, fun can always be in your forecast at any age, even if you can’t remember what that forecast is 50% of the time.

And No, this show is not going to be brought to you by AARP, Metamucil or Depends. We would be interested in speaking with Prevagen, but we just can’t remember where we placed their number.

The show will be 5 to 8 minutes in length,and we will do the show from different locations. We sound like big shots don’t we. When we say different locations,we are talking about, woods, back roads, highways, cities, and even local restrooms along the way. Why, we are old dam it, and we need to pee every 15 to 20 minutes.

Just note, we always say a Prayer at the end of every show because once again, we are old, and our time is running out. And to all the men out there reading this, take comfort in knowing, when your wife just won’t listen to you, Jesus always will. Now, Say Amen.

Every show will have a PSA or some type of information concerning depression/mental illness says Dalton. It is important to me and its equally important to many others out there who suffer greatly. On a serious note, two of the most important things for me are Prayer and getting out the information on mental illness. Here at the show, we have a few laughs with a purpose.

You can e mail us any questions you want, the stupider the better and you can send in videos of yourself and your friends states Muricki. Just say your name and say what state you are from and say your hello.Please note that the videos should not be any longer than 10 seconds. And please remember, no swearing and all that stuff, and you must be 18 years of age or higher to do this. And if you are over 70, please make sure you are not left unattended before doing this. Sorry, could not resist.

The 3 friends say listen, the world is out of control. We know longer no who or what to believe and the stress level of everyone is sky high. So, this is more about fun, blowing off some steam and if others want to get involved, contact us. This is not serious television at all, and it is not supposed to be. We are just 3 old guys who want to show the world that you are never too old to have some fun. Your never to old to do something even if its way out of the box and your never to old to act like a bunch of crazy old fools, even if it is for a good reason. So please don’t write us and tell us the show sucks, guess what, we already know it does. Our goals are low, and our fun level is high.

To find out more about the show, you can visit their website at: www.unconditionallydalton.com

And remember, we are Unconditionally Dalton. It is Where Truth Meets Reality in Some Type of Sick Way. Well,Kinda, Maybe, Still Not Sure, You Know What, Who Really Gives a Rats Ass Anyway.

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