Abrahamdailydosis aka Abraham Adegeye is a fashion Influencer from Vienna, who uses his platform to inspire his follower’s wardrobe choices – and raise awareness and tolerance for diversity.

If we were to go back in time just a few years ago we could see where it all began for Abraham and his successful modelling career. He was just at school age when he had the idea to wear and share his outfit of the day to the online community. It was just a hobby at first until he reached a professional level and the next stage of his journey was ready to begin.

Fast forward to the present and he has worked with some big names that include Coca-Cola, Pacsun, Vans, Converse, Fossil, H&M and Umbro. More then likely you will have spotted one of his campaigns as they aired in a lot of places and some in particular received a lot of press coverage such as a
campaign he created for Sprite, which aimed to highlight cyberbullying and explore the topic of diversity.

Whilst doing all of this he has still kept the time to update his blog and each of his social platforms which includes Instagram for his photography, something he would like to increase his output on, and his YouTube channel, another community where he would like to upload even more content to. On these platforms he has plenty of followers awaiting his next move, and with the continued upload of high quality content on a regular basis he is sure to gain even more followers at a fast rate. With all of this going on, he somehow still manages to find time to study marketing at university, something he says is his Plan B!

With the kind of reach he has, and the modelling talent, you may wonder if he has thought about launching a business, and in fact he has. However, although he has been brainstorming potential business ventures, he isn’t in any immediate rush to do this. It is a project for the future but inspiration
comes before selling for Abraham, so he wishes to continue doing things as he is, with the hope of doing even more media work, such as more magazine appearances, and more modelling campaigns, including work with some higher end fashion brands.

It is clear that Abraham is a fashion influencer who really enjoys what he does and has plenty of aspirations and goals for the future-so watch this space!

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