A unique way to express feelings. A smart way to start a movement. A powerful way to make oneself heard. A form of art.

Music is one of the most powerful forms of expression. Since the very beginning, this art form is used to motivate soldiers and even help people start a movement. Many people dream about paying their part in the music industry, but things do not work in their favor, because becoming a well-known music artist is not simple, and it requires a tough skin. One of the biggest reasons why many aspiring music artists give up midway and fail to succeed in the industry is the lack of opportunities. Most of the record labels and agencies are looking for already successful artists and are skeptical about giving young artists a chance through their label. Even if a young artist lands on an opportunity, music labels try to mold an artist into something they are not. It damages an artist’s originality, which prevents them from making a mark on the listeners.

Mohammad Yasar Nasir, professionally known as Yazz Nasir, realized there was a need for a platform that could help the aspiring and struggling music artists get a chance to succeed in the industry. As he is a ghost songwriter himself, he understands the challenges young artists have to go through. He founded “Ghost Recordz” in the United Kingdom to represent young artists and help them establish an influential entity in the world of music and entertainment.

A Songwriter Making a Name in Real Estate

Yazz Nasir is a prominent name in the music world, not only because of his music label but also for his elite songwriting skills. Born in Newham, London, on 24th May 1984, Yazz was passionate about songwriting since he was just a kid. As a student, he acquired exceptional poetry writing skills, and it amazed his teachers, who praised the young Yazz for his talent. As he grew up, his poetry skills changed into songwriting, and he began writing songs for professional music artists. While writing songs, the young individual who was full of spirit and determination, stepped into the world of business. At the age of 18, he started working in the real-estate sector and built a stable business and a vast network of prominent individuals in real estate. He worked on his business for 10 years and then decided to step into an industry he was always passionate about, music.

Stepping into the World of Music

As songwriting was something he was passionate about since his childhood, and it helped him land on several prestigious opportunities. Yazz has worked his magic in several songwriting projects that gained global success. He collaborated with Mumzy Stranger and Nafees and wrote the track “Sazaa.” The song received an overwhelmingly positive response and was even acquired the 1st rank on the BBC Asian network chart. The vocals of three other songs by Mumzy Stranger, “Circles,” “Ash Kardi,” and “Judaiya,” are also crafted by the talented Yazz. He also created other masterpieces, including “Tanha” by Jay Kadn, “Somebody” by Nish, “Pehli Baar” by Rupika, and “Nur el Ain” by Nafees ft Ramzi. His songwriting skills always received a positive response, and his words stir a hype among the fans of these singers.

Laying the Foundations of Ghost Recordz

As a song writer himself, Yazz was passionate about helping his fellow musical peers make a name for them in the industry. The entire world is well-aware of the fact that finding success in the music industry is not easy, and it requires huge efforts, time, and most importantly patience. Yazz wanted to change that for the young artists of today, and he started working on his own music label. In 2018, he founded Ghost Recordz that was to serve as a platform that musicians could use to establish a fan base in the industry without much effort.

The songwriter has an eye to identifying the potential in an artist, and this is what helps him choose artists that he knows can do wonders for the music industry. His music label helps young people find success where others were blind to the opportunity. Yazz’s music label has also has signed twin-brother music duo the Khantwinz. These musicians, the first official artists signed to his label, to date, the Khantwinz have released five songs under Ghost Recordz.

Through this platform, he works with many musicians, rappers, models, artists, and social influencers. Moreover, the talented, skills, and passionate Yazz has also appeared in Imran Khan’s WORLDWIDE hit single “Bewafa,” and in the music video of “Tera Pyar” with UKbased Punjabi singer Nafees which also starred Humza Arshad and Indian, Canadian based artist The Prophec. Based in London, Yazz’s efforts in the music industry are worth the praise. Besides writing mesmerizing songs, he also works to help young artists gain a firm ground in the industry.

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