Why is it so important to MiraQle that fans be at the center of the music industry? Without music lovers, this industry wouldn’t even exist. However, the traditional entertainment industry model is not very inclusive of diverse musical genres and styles, and not every fan is going to like popular music. We wanted to bridge that gap and create a fan-centric set of platforms where they can share and engage with the music they love.

What would you say has played the most important role in MiraQle’s development? Aside from our hardworking team, it’s got to be blockchain technology. We’ve adopted a lot of blockchain technologies into our platforms. The conventional music industry is built on web charts and band voting online, but fans don’t get to see how the charts are moving or the algorithm behind them. Blockchain gives us the freedom to make our platforms more transparent.

What is the most important part of the work MiraQle does?

Usually, the kind of music that consumers get to hear isn’t the music they have a preference for. It’s just what marketing executives think will sell well. MiraQle was founded on the idea that fans should get to control their own listening experiences and that is our sole focus.

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