BMW is set to reveal another range-topping version of its M5 super sedan one month from now, and a teaser video presented on its Facebook page on Tuesday gives some key subtleties.

The new variant will be badged a M5 CS, putting the M5 close by other M vehicles that have gotten the CS treatment. BMW additionally offers a M2 CS, and there were CS versions of the past age M3 and M4.

Models for the M5 CS have been trying for quite a long time and now we have the first subtleties because of Markus Flasch, the top of the BMW M division. In the secret video, he affirmed that the M5 CS will have a pinnacle yield of 635 strength, however this is probably going to be a measurement rating utilized in Germany and accordingly could be decreased to 626 hp when appraised in the United States. In correlation, the normal M5 makes 600 hp and the M5 Competition makes 617 hp.

Flasch additionally affirmed a 70-kilogram (154-pound) weight decrease from the M5 Competition, with one of the weight-saving measures being the option of lightweight carbon-fiber container seats acquired from the most recent M3 and M4. Flasch additionally said the vehicle is a severe four-seater.

Different components affirmed for the M5 CS are manufactured aluminum wheels and carbon-ceramic brake bundle with calipers painted red (instead of the traditional blue utilized on M vehicles).

The wheels will highlight a restrictive bronze completion that will likewise be applied to different territories of the vehicle, as on the grille. Another selective touch will be motorsport-inspired yellow headlights, though just for the daytime running lights.

There could be more. CS models will in general element less restrictive electronic nannies, and there have been bits of gossip about a recently evolved V-8 conceivably making its debut in this M5 CS.

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