Day 4 of the Chandu Champion Box Office Collection Expectation: The weekend is over, and Monday rolls around once more, forcing everyone to return to work. Booking a movie ticket and making the trip will undoubtedly be difficult for folks juggling their professional lives. As a result, it is anticipated that Chandu Champion would earn slightly less on Monday at the box office than it did over the weekend. Though Chandu Champion may not have started the weekend with much success at the box office, on Saturday and Sunday it had an astonishing growth, more than doubling the collection. Will the film be able to keep up its current pace at the box office?

Day 4 Prediction for Chandu Champion Box Office Collection

Day 1 (1st Friday) saw Chandu Champion start with a collecting of 4.75 crore. The movie’s first day at the box office did not go as planned since Chandu Champion was to have made a sizable amount of money that day. Fortunately, the film eventually resumed its original pace. At the box office, Chandu Champion made a total of 7 crore on its first Saturday (Day 2). Chandu Champion noticed a significant increase later on Sunday. Reports from Sacnilk state that on Day 3, the film brought in 10 crore at the box office. On Day 4, which is the first Monday, Chandu Champion is not anticipated to continue to grow at the box office. Weekday box office sales for Chandu Champion may be a little lower than on weekends because that’s when most tickets are sold. According to Sacnilk’s most recent data, Chandu Champion has made around 0.02 crore in India to date.

Chandu Champion Box Office Amount

Day 1Friday4.75 crore
Day 2Saturday7 crore
Day 3Sunday10 crore
Day 4Monday0.02 crore (as of now)
Total21.77 crore

Chandu Champion Cast & Crew

Kartik Aaryan portrays Murlikant Petkar in Chandu Champion. The youthful Murlikant, however, is being portrayed by Ayan Khan Sroha. However, Vijay Raaz is playing trainer Tiger Ali in the movie. Aniruddh Dave, Rajpal Yadav, Bhuvan Arora, Yashpal Sharma, and Shreyas Talpade are the other actors in the film who have important roles.

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