Christel Barbie is an entrepreneur and she is mostly in her hustle mode. When she is not working, she could be seen spending her time with her kids. Being mother to three kids, she says that motherhood has given her new reasons and purpose to work on her mission to help the community and her vision has become much broader than ever before. She keeps organizing the charity events and is a great host. This artist turned entrepreneur who is currently working as the co-owner of Canada’s biggest Car Wrap Boutique, Wraptors Inc is an inspiration to many women out there eager to start their entrepreneurial journey.

An artist turned entrepreneur Christel Barbie is the co-owner of Canada’s biggest Car Wrap Boutique Wraptors Inc. Wraptors Inc which is the biggest Car Wrap Boutique in Canada and is currently operating in 9 locations in the country is the go-to Car Wrapping Boutique for the car lovers and celebrities.

Christel joined his husband Stas Kravchuk’s venture 5 years ago. She is the one who looks after the content as the content director and makes sure that Wraptors maintains its creative supremacy for what it is known for. Christel is mother of three and is successfully managing her business while taking care of her toddlers who have just begun their school.

Christel told us that art and meeting new people are the most exciting thing about her role in the business. She loves challenges and working on things that are aligned with her purpose. She is a great host and has hosted many big and small events. As of now, she hosts Charity Events, Grand Opening Events, Car Shows and Car Meets. Apart from her involvement in events and charity, she invests most of her time at Wraptors Inc working on content strategies and she is also an epoxy artist and gives time to the art which has now turned into a business venture for herself.

“Art humbles you down and encourages you to look at things differently. Being an epoxy artist is not an easy job but I definitely enjoy it doing along with my other ventures. I believe that entrepreneurs are solution oriented people and they help building societies as they create more jobs.” Said Christel Barbie.

Christel Barbie also spends a lot of time working for charity events and helps her community a lot. She believes in giving it back to the community and she is definitely becoming an inspiration for women of her community. Christel told us that to her, success means working hard to achieve your dream while enjoying the process and she is definitely enjoying the process. She gives the credit of her success to her hard work and her husband’s support.

Christel Barbie is definitely an inspiration for us all and specially for the mothers who want to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. You can follow Christel Barbie on her Instagram and become a part of her journey at @christelbarbie.