Rohit bag a music artist has launched his four new songs this year named Jerry Tune, Jupiter, Cyclotron, Shades .As soon as those four songs came, the audience liked it so much that now it is Rohit’s new song. Rohit was born on 18 July 1999 in Kanpur , and then after that his family shifted to Kolkata. Rohit has completed his studies from Calcutta University . He has done BCA and apart from this he also did a course of digital marketing.

Rohit was very fond of music since childhood. In childhood, Rohit’s father used to recite old songs to Rohit and Rohit used to be very happy listening to the songs. Rohit is the only son of his parents. After the passing of Rohit’s father, Rohit stood up and all the responsibility of his mother had come to Rohit.

Rohit has studied music in Kolkata for 7 years. He is very fond of classical music and loves listening to the songs of Pancham Da and Kishore Kumar. Music plays an important role in Rohit’s life. Rohit’s father also loved music. That’s why Rohit is so attached to music and music means a lot to him.

Rohit follows a disciplined life where he has a fixed time for every work. He completes all the work by staying within time. Rohit says that if one wants to be successful in life and move ahead, then it is very important to respect time and it is very important to live in discipline. After his father left, Rohit took full responsibility of his house. He had to complete his studies along with work, due to which he had a lot of trouble, but he did not leave music. Rohit has worked very hard in his life and the result of this hard work is that today he is a big artist and his mother has a big hand in this hard work.

Apart from this, if we talk, Rohit is very fond of traveling, he likes to go to a new place and know about that place. He is also very fond of books, he loves to read books and he is also very fond of photography. Today Rohit Bagh is very famous all over India. Everyone knows Rohit Bagh today. Known not only as an entrepreneur, but as a musician. Rohit is an example not only in his city but also for every youth of the country who have the passion to fulfill their dreams.

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