Slipknot is amidst recording their new collection, with the foreseen discharge at some point this mid year.

With that, it’s entirely astounding that Taylor is making himself accessible for meetings. A week ago, he talked about how he inclines toward functioning with producer Greg Fidelman over a major name like Rick Rubin, and this week, he talked with Music Week about the lyrical inspirations for the new album.

“I can’t go into it too much because it deals with a lot of my personal life, but the last few years have been really tough for me,” he said. “With the exception of my kids and my bands, it’s been a dark time for me. I didn’t relapse or anything, but it was just the depression that I was dealing with and the anger that I was dealing with that was consuming me. I had to get myself out of that situation, and now the lyrics I’m writing for the SLIPKNOT album are all about that period of time, basically the last five years of my life just trying to get my head around everything, and moving towards the happiness I remember.”

A pissed off Taylor for the most part prompts the best sort of Slipknot lyrics. Inquired as to whether he had any set methods for composing his lyrics, Taylor responded:

“My mind is so fucking all over the place, it’s not even funny half the time. For me, the quest has always been the perfect lyric, that perfect turn of phrase, that perfect set of stanzas to sit there and read over and over and be so delighted and tickled that you wrote them and so proud. You know, I’ve come close a handful of times, but I don’t think I’ve written the perfect thing yet, but that’s why I keep going for it, I keep chasing that. That’s one of the reasons why I also try to write in so many different genres. I never pigeonhole myself into just rock and metal. I’ve branched out, I’ve done stuff here and there with other bands and genres, to put my ego in the backseat and sing other people’s lyrics and try to find meaning for myself in those lyrics.”

In past interviews Taylor has called the new album “”one of the darkest chapters in Slipknot’s history — it’s that good.”

There’s a reason the new Slipknot collection is among our most foreseen for 2019.

Up until this point, Slipknot have released one from from the new album, “All Out Life.”

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