This young brilliant mind has created five successful apps which has got him in the 7-figured annual income bracket.

The tech world has seen many talented individuals who have introduced innovative ideas which have made it big. Cornel Herold is one of them who has created some highly successful apps and has also taught people the art of creating apps without any coding knowledge. This young lad from Hungary is all of 18 and a big name in the app business. At this young age he has created a huge impact by spreading his knowledge amongst people and made it clear that creating apps without any kind of coding knowledge or experience is definitely possible.

Being one of the youngest entrepreneurs from Hungary who has earned a whopping one million dollars well within a year by introducing five incredible apps which have been successful to the core, he is indeed a raging success in his own way. The apps that Herold has created are available on Google Play and Apple Store and have found incredible audience acceptance till date. Herold hit the bulls eye with his app development, but before he tasted success, he had to go through a series of failed businesses like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA to name a few. After researching on a lot of businesses, he decided to try his hands on the app development field. Initially reluctant with going ahead, soon he cleared his mind when realizing that app development can be done without any coding knowledge.

Today, apart from owning successful apps, Herold runs a mentorship program called the ‘App Formula Masterclass’, an online educational programme which provides a platform for people to launch their own profitable apps. Till date he has trained around a hundred students and has been extremely proud to spread his knowledge which has been beneficial to many. Herold has proved that if one is passionate about his work, he can definitely reach places, him being a fine example of it.

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