Producing an independent film requires finding and developing projects, securing funding, hiring writers, directors, and artistic staff, as well as overseeing pre-production, production, and postproduction.

The pre-production stage is critical to the completion of a movie. In pre-production, the producer gathers funds and investments.

A few creatives are usually put together by producers prior to pitching a project, including the director (if one has yet to be assigned) and actors who will play the lead roles.

The producers of films or TV shows are typically approved by the production companies or studios or receive funding from investors.

Kamal Digiya, a native of Haryana and one of India’s best producers, is best known for his music videos that shake the internet.

In a short period of time, Kamal has amassed over one million views on a number of his videos, including ‘Bandook,’ ‘Panghat,’ ‘Renuka Panwar,’ and ‘Bagdo.’

He has more than 300k followers on Instagram and 50k subscribers on YouTube as the owner of NFBI (National Food and Beverage India).

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