Jaspreet Singh Bansal aka DJ Jaz B is a UK-based DJ. The Indian origin DJ is famous for his Punjabi touch in his music. At a time when the DJ scene in the UK was looking its luster and remixes were infamous, DJ Jaz B came in and has been a part of the industry since then.

With the amazing essence of Bhangra into his music, he makes thousands of people groove on the floor. Jaspreet Singh Bansal is born in Stoke On Trent, UK. He has come a long way from initially know as the best DJ in the block.

Jaz B’s journey in DJing

DJ Jaz B’s passion for music started at a very young age. Growing up with an Indian family and a British neighborhood he grew up listening to a different genre. With a whole lot of variety of music to hear, Bhangra is the genre he used to hear the most.

Music is something that inspired and motivated him at a very young age. Growing up in a country with a huge clubbing scene, he decided of following his passion and becoming a disc jockey.

Currently, he has a decade of experience being a DJ. He has played in the 100’s clubs in the UK and has a massive following on his social handles like Instagram. DJ Jaz B is considered one of the most versatile and entertaining Indian-origin DJs in the UK scene. Apart from playing in clubs and he is also famous for playing at parties and weddings. He truly lives his life like a real rockstar, as he plays in one of the most upbeat clubs in the UK.

Doing well initially in his DJing career, he leaped to be a composer and a music producer too. Music production is something that he started as an experiment. With his skills and talents, he has successfully won the hearts of the audience and critics in the industry.

After playing at some elite clubs and headlining various events DJ Jaz B started focusing on his music production. To date, he has released 2 tracks of his own, one in 2013 and the other in 2015. Both these songs helped him to create a buzz with the fusion of Punjabi pop music. These two songs got an amazing response and helped him to get recognized internationally. The song not only was played in UK and India, but attracted worldwide listeners too.

Being a famous and a successful DJ for the last 14 years, Jaz B has amassed a huge number of followers on social media. He is no less than a celebrity DJ and is friends with some of the famous personalities in the industry.

How did the pandemic affect DJ Jaz B and his industry?

The UK was one of the most affected countries in the pandemic. Due to the strict lockdown and regulations, the events and entertainment industry were badly affected. Events got canceled, people involved in the entertainment industry were facing a financial crisis and were impacted by the extended lockdown. But nothing could stop Jaz B from being connected with his fans and followers. People were scared and anxious, so he decided to entertain them on Instagram and TikTok doing live DJ sets. He received several messages that how his sessions helped people being distracted from what’s happening in the pandemic.

Luckily things have started getting better and finally, the lockdown has come to an end. It means events are now going to happen and the industry has an opportunity to put itself back on track. He is already booked for various events planned and looking forward to entertaining people again.

What’s coming up from DJ Jaz B?

He has planned a lot of things for the coming year. He missed playing for the audience in the lockdown as he never had taken such a long break in his career. He is planning to be back with a bang! He will soon tease potential collaborations with some famous artists from India and America. He is already started getting multiple club gigs and soon looking forward to playing the music in the upcoming wedding season. Until then tuned new songs will be announced soon.