DJ Mark the spot is not just a celebrity but he is the entertainer for the whole world. Being from New York City of America he has been deejaying for many years. In his own words “He is the person who will make your day memorable and entertaining when you will receive the venue where he is deejaying”.

Born in Jamaica but brought up in Bronx of New York Music was always in him. When asked how you came into the music then he said that he is from the family of DJs. his uncle was the inspiration for him. They were the DJ in Caribbean. 

They’d impede parties. I’d be the small child hanging out watching them play before every one of these individuals, consistently energized being on set. It’s something so truly needed to get into. 

I never had coordinated with sets. I’d have one turntable from this organization, a blender from this organization. In those days we weren’t bringing in any cash so you needed to get what you can. I’d take things my uncle wouldn’t utilize any longer and make an honest effort to make them work. 

I used to work for an intriguing limousine organization in New York, we had a lot of various fascinating vehicles. I got a call one day to go midtown and get a customer, they didn’t give me the name. I got down there and it was these two major folks outside. I don’t normally get two customers, I said “where are you folks going?” They said Brooklyn. Generally when someone calls me, I’m away for the whole day. I end up taking these folks to Brooklyn, they’re security guards working for NSYNC. I spent time with them in Brooklyn for the afternoon, and should remain out there and we drew near. They said “hello Mark, we need to acquaint you with the folks.”

Touring with Prince from 3 years and Justin Timberlake making his career this DJ was very lucky in his life. When asked that how Covid pandemic has made the impact in your life then he said that he is the entertainer and now he is showcasing his talent but only on the Instagram live platform. In the past he was going to the Club 5 times a week but today is not going even a single time.  He is not the only DJ or the entertainer in the industry who is having the impact in the life because of the covid-19 pandemic but still he is missing the time and putting the effort to entertain the family of the crowds. 

When asked how was the experience with the prince and he said that when he got the call he didn’t know who he was. In the study was not able to meet the prince but only his assistant and security guards who told him all the protocol.  Afterwards when he met him then he was very happy and since then he is touring on different parties and venues along with them.  Being the Businessman he has excelled to the top in the music industry much faster and better than the expectation. 

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