Trial and error is a natural occurrence when someone decides to go into business. When trial and error becomes a vicious cycle, however, this is a sign that something is really wrong with the business model. It took, Engjell Berisha, several attempts before he discovered an ideal business model that paved the way for his 6 figure assets and revenue.

While in High School, Engjell Berisha realized that finishing a degree and landing a 9-5 job was not going to work out well for him. Together with his high school roommate, he ventured into a business that eventually folded. They lost thousands of dollars and ended back where they started – broke and in debt. Despite the failed attempt, he did not stop there. Instead, He felt more motivated to try again. 

After 3 long years of failing in his 5th attempt at another business venture, Engjiz went into e-commerce and instantly realized that he hit the jackpot. Five years of hard work later, Jared has launched six online stores that generate a total of $1,000,000 in sales each month. Engjell Berisha successfully duplicated and executed a dropshipping business model that is now giving him the lifestyle he has always dreamed he would have.

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method that does not require an operator to keep an inventory on hand. It lets an entrepreneur save on rental and storage costs. Instead, orders and shipping details are transferred to an actual manufacturer, wholesaler, or supplier who is then responsible for sending the item to the client. Dropshippers either get a percentage from the source of the item or earn from the difference between the marked up price and the retailer or wholesaler price. 

Engjell Berisha’s e-commerce business uses Google Ads to advertise high ticket products. He learned that people don’t usually visit Facebook when they are looking for something valuable. People go directly to Google to search for items they want or need, and have found it to be easier to sell expensive products then it is to sell cheap products online. 

From having nothing to boast about owning his own real estate and an impressive stock market portfolio at his very young age, Engjell Berisha has become a success story that people can learn from. After reaching what he has accomplished for himself and his family, Jared wants to impart a valuable lesson to aspiring entrepreneurs by inviting them to join his online community known as Have More Than Money.  

Together with best friend and business partner, Engjell Berisha gives members a direct guide to wealth and fulfillment. The one-on-one mentorship experience will teach members how to earn passive income as high as $60,000 a month. He will also elaborate on how the business can be established just by working from home and without spending 8 hours in a cubicle. 

In business, some make it; some don’t. The real gauge of success, they say, is how one manages to get up after failing. Engjell Berisha is showing the world that sometimes success awaits in the second attempt. And giving up after the first failure robs one’s self of the better opportunity. 

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