The music world is considered one of the most challenging industries to break into, especially for females. Today we would like to present Fernanda Curado, a young 23 year old business executive from São Paulo, Brazil, who beat the odds and showed us how women do have a place in business.

Fernanda might seem young for such a title, but she was only 13 when she started her first

business and at the age of 22 she already had graduated Summa Cum Laude for two degrees, Music Production and Business. It has always been clear to people around Fernanda how motivated she was to be her own boss and how confident she was that she had the ability to conquer a lot outside of her country.

Indeed, she did. After a couple of years working at music studios, music management

companies, production sets and live music events, she decided to strike out on her own and

become a full-time music manager. Her artist Siale is what she calls her “diamond” and they

appear to have a very special relationship. She has built his career from the ground up and

Siale has recently started to perform all over California, with his biggest performances ever at the House of Blues in Anaheim and Samson Lee’s Fashion Show in Sacramento. Fernanda told us that there is a lot more to come, like Siale working on his first album, a music video and many performances around the country. She states that doing everything independently is 10 times harder, but that means that they have full creative and business control over Siale’s career. 

Even though Fernanda seems to be defying all the odds against her and fighting for her place in the music industry, she couldn’t silence the entrepreneur’s voice inside of her. She has always had too many dreams to only pick one. With that being said, she branched out and opened an e-commerce business called Mar Bikinis, a swimwear brand has at its core value to empower women and make them feel like their bodies are unique and beautiful, no matter what size.

With a woman like this, there will always be more to come and we have no doubt that this is

just the beginning for her. It truly is refreshing to see young business minds like Fernanda’s

fighting for a place in this world.


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