Mehrnoosh Carholic is an internationally renowned car blogger and reviewer. She is the first Iranian lady car reviewer and blogger in the world. Mehrnoosh has created a name for herself and has set a strong foothold in the car community. She has a huge audience base and more than 200,000 fans and followers across social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Mehrnoosh has a Bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering from the Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman in Iran. After her education, she was the Executive Manager at a real estate firm called Dehkadeh Real Estate. Later, she also became the Human Resource Manager at another firm.

Mehrnoosh Carholic then decided to take the plunge and enter the field of car reviewing and blogging. She knew that consistency was key and put out content regularly. Soon enough, her work was recognized and her intricate reviews and blogs started getting the traction they deserved.

Today, Mehrnoosh Carholic is an approved car blogger from the Middle East and also holds the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) driving license. She gives detailed and quality reviews of expensive sports and luxury cars of brands of the likes of Toyota, Ferrari, Lexus, Lincoln, Ford, Volvo, Honda and Land Rover.

As the first Iranian lady car reviewer and blogger in the world, Mehrnoosh Carholic is an important figure in the car community. She regularly gets invited to various automobile shows, car launches and related events. Recently, Lexus invited Mehrnoosh Carholic to their 2022 car launch. The event launched the new Lexus LX 600, Lexus UX and the Lexus NX. Talking about the same, Mehrnoosh said, “All three cars have their tech greatly advanced. Especially, the Lexus NX has made progress and makes for a wonderfully smooth driving experience.”

Mehrnoosh Carholic has set an unprecedented example of efficiency and strength. As the first Iranian lady car reviewer and blogger in the world, she has opened the car community’s doors for many more women in the Middle East.

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