Hakeem White is a minimalist millionaire business coach for fitness trainers. He moved to Florida from Jamaica when he was 5 years old after his parents got a divorce. Life in Florida was tough and for a couple of years, Hakeem and his dad had to couch surf for years because there was no money for them to get a place of their own.

Hakeem’s first attempt at business

Hakeem tried his hand at his first entrepreneurial venture in elementary school and he was very successful until the long arm of the law in the form of the principal caught up with him. After seeing the struggle it took for his dad to pay the daily $2.49 for school lunch, he started selling candy in the 3rd grade to make extra money. He would make a hundred dollars a month until the school caught him two months later. Shortly after, his dad told him lunch was now free since he was doing “so well” in school. Although he later realized later on in life it was a lie, as this was because they were on food stamps and government aid.

When Hakeem was in middle school, he got bullied a lot and could not make friends for a while. This was a hard time for Hakeem until he met some kids who liked finger skates, and that’s how Hakeem made his first three friends. While in high school Hakeem was a tall lanky textbook nerd with braces. He still found it difficult making friends, but he had started to develop himself so had a little bit of confidence. He first started working out to put on a little muscle so he could impress girls. Although getting girls didn’t work for Hakeem, making friends became easier as he got involved with school extracurricular activities. He ended up being the mascot his senior year and he gained a little popularity.

Life at the University of Florida

Hakeem White got admitted to the University of Florida to Study Nutrition with hopes of being a dietitian in 2012, something he believes was his first win in life. In school, he became the gym guy, after applying three times he became a certified trainer and started working in the gyms while also maintaining a side job on campus as an RA. Some years later, Hakeem decided to file for an LLC to train people on his own. He was working long hours in The gym while barely making anything since they took over 70% of what he makes. So Hakeem launched HakeemGetzYouGainz, LLC, where he sold online programs for 20 dollars.

Hakeem was focusing so much attention on the online business everything else came crashing down. His grades suffered because he was putting all his attention on his business. Hakeem’s grades plummeted to below 2.0 and even his classmates hated working with me. To cap it off, he got fired from his campus RA job for working too much on my business. This was his last semester of college, so he applied to 10 different dietetic internships as he couldn’t become a dietitian without an internship. On decision day, Hakeem found out he got rejected from every internship. So he barely finished college and returned home with nothing but his business and a $30,000 debt.

From barely graduating the university to a millionaire 

Hakeem White stumbled upon a story about the popularity of the new iPhone just a few years after graduating and suffering in his business. He believed he could revolutionize the online fitness industry, so he researched the business plan used to launch the iPhone, which turned out to be surprisingly straightforward. As a result, it motivated him to create his own fitness model! So he came up with the name “bubble butt babez” for an internet program and created his own marketing approach, infrastructure, and pricing structure to sell it.

It was a straightforward three-step method, and within a week of starting, he had made $5000, which was more than he had made in the previous year.

Hakeem White earned his first $10,000 in a month at the end of that month. This rekindled his optimism, and he earned six figures in 2018. For the first time in his life, Hakeem’s life was heading in the right direction. He quit his job, moved into my ideal apartment, paid off all of my debts, and began traveling full time.

Hakeem White told some of his trainer friends about the strategy and, to his surprise, they embraced the strategy, and all of them made over $10,000 in the first month. As word spread, additional trainers approached him for assistance. Hakeem is delighted to have helped over 129 trainers earn six figures online with his easy three-step method in 2020, and he continues to use it in his own business. The freedom he was giving individuals by allowing them to quit their jobs, and love their lives to the fullest always made Hakeem happy.

Although he got to a crossroads where he felt his passion for fitness has moved more towards helping other trainers succeed online. Even though his fitness business was making way more than business coaching, he poured himself into helping others succeed.

Hakem believes money is simply a by-product of value and making a million dollars in 2020 was simply a by-product of him helping to change so many lives. The more people he impacts, the more he will be directly impacted. So Hakeem wants to help 1,000 trainers get started online. Many of those will hit 6 figs and he would love to create a few millionaires as well. To learn how to start an online training business follow this link to a free course by Hakeem White.