Isabell Slim, a rising star and a completely independent artist in Winnsboro, Louisiana. Recently he released his new single entitled EP Isabell stories which cross 18,000 streams in only 2 days.  As we know that he is an independent artist so he knows and understands the hurdles and difficulties which became the reason for someone to give up on his or her dream. So he took steps to help all those new and young talent who want to become the voice of the upcoming generation. For this purpose, he started his own PR Company to spread the voice of all new talented independent artists. This kind gesture shows how humble and kind-hearted he is, and loves his fans around the world. This is the main reason for his fame that people love him due to his kind behavior and appraise his talent.

On the surface, the amount of effort, time, and energy it takes to become a rapper seems like a light burden. He faced all the struggles and hardships of his journey to becoming an artist. He believes that if you believe that you and your music deserve the most opportunities, prove it. The only way you’ll be able to convince others to reward you with the looks you want is to explain, with evidence, that you’re worthy of the opportunity.

Delivering a quality press deck and a detailed record of analytics about your latest song to an influencer will help you open the door for collaboration. If you believe your numbers are too low to get a nod, double down on consistency until you reach a level of decent significance. Self-motivation, perseverance, and discipline are three of the most important traits you need before anybody else can invest their time, energy, and resources into your vision. And his recent success on his new EP represents all the effort he puts in making this new release an awesome one which crosses the record number of 15,000 within 2 days.

The bulk of his success came from his “un-removable stain of self-confidence.” Additionally, being an independent artist doesn’t mean going about your career in solitude, sequestered in a dark studio with a laptop. Yes, you may have to pioneer the first few projects by yourself, but the eventual goal should be to work with others who can fill in your weak spots. It taking him several years to become one of the most popular musicians in the country, the rap star climb this past year to the highest levels of the music industry has been so intense and eye-popping. He is outperforming some of the artists who directly inspired through his music and one of the most successful hip-hop artists right now. People gravitated towards him because of his skills. He stood the test of time.

The chief and main advantage of being a musician or independent artist is that he is providing happiness to others. People listen to his music when they are sad and it relaxes their minds. People listen to his music when they are extremely happy like on occasions, gatherings, and parties and enjoy it which fills colors of happiness in their life.

Listen to his new EP here on spotify.

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