Who knows how many times on the Web you’ve read articles that promised to reveal the magic formula to achieve entrepreneurial success. I’m not a magician for a living, and above all I’m not an illusionist. The life of an entrepreneur is not easy at all, and requires an enormous spirit of sacrifice. Being an entrepreneur also means being your own employer, and to grow your business, you will have to make all your time available. Often the working days will be long and exhausting, and at least initially, you can only dream of holidays through the postcards you receive from your friends. I’m sorry to be so terribly realistic. If you haven’t already run away from this article, it’s also time to talk about the positive aspects and the 5 useful tips to become a successful entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is timeless, that is, it is never too late to start this kind of business. Think of successful entrepreneurs: they often started from scratch and did all sorts of things before they established themselves.

What was your highest peak in dropshipping sales?

The highest peak has been when I made more than half a million in gross sales volume in less than a month

Do you remember one of your students’ highest peak in dropshipping sales?

Of course, he made $300,000 in 2 months

In your opinion, what is the best place to live if you are a dropshipper?

Out of Italy: it is basically impossible to support a business in terms of taxes and management costs in Italy. I moved to Dubai for this reason too, taxation is lower and so are the running costs. In my opinion, Dubai is currently the best choice if you consider how much you pay and how much you get back in terms of service.

In your opinion, what could be the most profitable online industries in five years?

We are living in an age of use, and no longer of possession. I see a lot of opportunities on subscription platforms and services, especially online; not surprisingly the big companies like Netflix and Amazon, and other big websites, they all offer subscription services. Also in the world of dropshipping, most product search or business platforms are subscription based.

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