Birthday invitations are a great way to invite people for someone’s big day. However, there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when creating a video invitation. You will need to think about the birthday person’s personality, what sort of party they are hosting, and how involved the guests would like to be. All these things need to be taken into consideration when creating a birthday video invitation.

Here are some factors that you need to know, as well as tips on how you can create such an invitation:

1. The Invitation

The invitation is the first part that you will need to create. This is basically a marketing ad for your party. It will be the first part of the birthday video invitation that guests will see, so it should be attractive.

You should consider the following questions. Who is it aimed at? If you are having a party for adults, then you might want to use subtle humour and not include a lot of flashing lights. However, if you are having a kids’ party, then flashing lights and silly voices might work well.

What will be the tone of the invitation? You can go for a formal tone if you are having a formal event, or you can create a casual, laid back atmosphere.

What style of animation are you going to use? There are a lot of different options available when you use an invitation maker, including 2D and 3D animation and stop-motion photography.

2. Video File Size

You will need to consider how big your video file will be. Keep the file size as small as possible or else it won’t load fast enough and people may not be interested in watching it. However, you don’t want the video so small that it looks like a blurry, pixelated mess. Aim for something that is fairly decent quality, but not too big.

The resolution is also something that you will have to keep in mind when you are creating a birthday video invitation. The number of frames per second will affect the fluidity of the animation. You don’t want to have a video that is choppy and looks like there’s a delay in your computer, but you also don’t want one that goes so fast that it makes viewers nauseous. Aim for around 24 frames per second, which may seem pretty slow, but will be just fine for most people.

3. The Script or Storyboard

This is probably the most important part of the entire birthday video invitation process. This is where you will put together all your ideas for the invitation and work them into one cohesive whole.

What should you include in your storyboard or script? You can include all types of ideas, but here are some examples. A character narrating your birthday video invitation. For example, a voice-over of a kid saying, “Happy Birthday to me! Welcome to my party.” This will let your guests know what is happening when the video starts.

4. The Greeting

The greeting is something your guests will see as soon as they load up your birthday video invitation. Consider these elements: A title slide. You should have a slide that says something like “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations”. This should be in big letters with some graphics and/or animation behind it.

You can also include a short message from you or some other special person who is celebrating the birthday with you. For example, you may want to add your little brother’s message where he tells everybody how much he loves you and how excited he is to celebrate your big day.

5. Editing

You will have to edit your birthday video invitation into a finished product. The editing process can be tedious, but can also be really fun.

Consider editing these things. The colour scheme. If you have a very specific colour scheme (like green and yellow, or pink and purple), make sure that your camera settings are correct during filming. You will want to get close to your subject and make sure that you don’t accidentally focus on any other colours.

Also, look at the film’s background. Depending on what you are going for with the video, you may want to use a different background colour. Choose one from the many options available in an invitation maker. For example, if you are filming in a forest and want your video to follow the same colour scheme, you should use green or yellow for your raw footage, so that it will look like it is filmed in nature.

If you are filming it for kids, then it may be a good idea to use a brighter colour. If you are filming an event for adults, then perhaps you should keep it simple and use black and white.

6. Audio Editing

Carefully edit your audio in advance, so that people who are watching your birthday video invitation have a good experience. Consider music and sound effects. If you are having a formal event, you might want to include instrumental music or sound effects. If it’s an informal event, you can add sounds of people chatting and laughing.

The narrator’s voice tends to be the most important aspect of the entire birthday video invitation process if you want it to be successful.

We hope that this guide has helped you understand how to create a birthday video invitation and that your guests will love the video invite that you send them!

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