Film director and cinematographer Alois Nashali has taken the film industry by storm.Ever since Alois Nashali’s instagram series (  blew up online, clocking over 3K followers in just one and half years since first upload. A staggering following that’s propelled his Cinematography career into public conscience

A Multi talented film director star and more importantly a determined young migrant from the Eastern part of Africa, Alois Nashali, Whose full name is Alois Mulinda Nashali  has risen to great heights in the last few years of his career breakthrough. It was In 2017 that Alois Nashali’s film career took-off and has been climbing to greater heights, reaching milestone after another. He won the Best Director and Best Film Awards for the documentary beautiful cracked smile on that same year in the documentary category in the Digi60 Awards. In 2018, his other documentary film Through the Lens of An Immigrant was also featured in the 28th Edition of The One World Film Festival.

Alois Nashali has shown that he is also an established photographer and engages in various activities such as working for Amazon in Ottawa. His photography work and youth empowerment efforts have led him to work with the Hot Shoe Productions as a facilitator, an organization that connects the youth with industry professionals. Alois’ latest project in this front is a youth soccer league.

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