As the South by Southwest Music Festival returns to Austin for the first in-person event in two years, Icewata rock is one of the many rappers to grace an Austin stage,this year at SXSW 2022. Icewata Records put together a phenomenal tribute stage at the Plane House for the late Slim 400, Icewata Rock performed the hit song “Nothing But Bloods” along with Keda Ru, and also honored him on the Empire Stage. Icewata Rock also linked with Ghazi during the sxsw festival, which is believed to be a power move by Icewata Rock. 

This was by far Austin’s biggest spring break turn-up, meanwhile, Icewata Rock is getting known amongst the southern community appearing with celebrities such as Jprince jr, Rap-A-Lot Records, Gperico and more, at a three-day party with chart-topping rappers Gunna and Young Thug “Los Angeles has taken over SXSW before but I think it was our largest presence down there. I’m excited to see all of our artists network and make connections that can benefit them in the long run.”Icewata Rock” says. But his drive to be the best at what he does is what sets him apart from the crowd. 

He had a rough childhood as he was born on the streets of Inglewood and lived there his whole life. In his childhood, he got into street life culture and then started rapping in the music industry. IceWata Rock is now a successful musician, and he loves to give back to his community

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