Draco Leopard Gang is an upcoming NFT project based on positivity which includes a dynamic utilities package. Their mantra is “Success is just a mindset away!” Peter Heston, one of the artists from the project, has been published by Marvel Comics and won multiple awards from the NAACP and others for his artwork and children’s books. He’s also got a couple of degrees in fine arts!

Peter Heston is a creator, more importantly, an artist. A lifelong resident of the buckeye state of Ohio, specifically Lorain County. This is where the art odyssey began, as it would seem the pencil and paintbrush were ghost limb extensions. What many would reduce to a simple hobby, progressed into a passion that would lead to a world of wonder and imagination.

By aspiring to be more than a simple dream manifested into reality through hard work and dedication. As a result, in 2008 while attending Lorain County Community College the honor of Talent of the Year was bestowed in recognition of observed artistic achievement.

As collegiate ambitions flourished the recognition continued to grow as well. In 2009 while participating in a peer panel review, Peter was the recipient of yet another alcalde for artistic excellence. The Firelands Association of Visual Arts award. Subsequently, the first chapter reached a peak in 2014, resulting in an Associate of Arts Degree.

However, where one chapter ends another has the potential to begin. Thus, the journey continued to the Bachelor of Arts program at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Here, talent continued to elevate while sharpening skills, resulting in many more high honors in art, like the Exemplary Citizenship award.

In April of 2017 after years of dedication, not absent of varying challenges and hurdles, another milestone was reached by graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration. 

Over the years I’ve stayed focused mainly on art, it is what drives me. Like a sponge eager to absorb new skills I began transitioning outside of traditional pencil and brush media into things like tattoo design and application, air brushing, wall mural as well as book cover and interior design for adult and children related projects. In more recent years logo design, children’s book authoring and illustrations have been the subject of my main focus. 

I’ve stayed busy in my spare time by giving back to the community of art lover and enthusiasts by painting rocks and hiding them within my local community for random adults and children to find, also I engage in rock exchanges with other art lovers and painters throughout the United States, its meant to show acts of kindness through creative expression. 

Recently, In 2022 I was introduced to the world of NFT art which is yet another opportunity for me to grow and develop in the ever-evolving world of self-expression and creativity.

The enthusiasm is never ending, birthing a philosophy that promotes infinite growth in creative design and beyond.

“Art without fire, is like humanity without passion”, 

The journey has only begun anew, buckle up and let us all fancy in continued imagination and discovery.

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