Daniel believes in impacting lives through spreading the right financial Education amongst people.

Many people come across individuals who promise them a changed life by selling to them some information and membership into a particular project. However, not all have what it takes to turn people’s lives around for the better, for one needs an immense passion and determination to transform lives with their innate skills and knowledge.

Changing people’s lives for the better is an African Digital Entrepreneur, who has gone ahead to achieve staggering success as a financial Educator and success coach; he is Daniel Oche Onoja. This young talent has made a special name for himself across the vast network marketing field.

Most of the times, it happens that individuals decide something while they are teenagers and change plans as they grow up for their career. Well, in the case of Daniel, he believed he could make waves in the forex and cryptocurrency space and so did he as he grew up. He followed his dreams to make it in the digital space as he realized how the distribution of digital financial products via network marketing was picking up pace.

Daniel was born in Borno and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. It was technology and the internet that always attracted Daniel in one way or the other. Later, he got introduced to forex trading by a friend and classmate, a decentralized currency exchange business.

The growth and the potential of the same was recognized quite early by Daniel and he made it his aim to create a lucrative career into the same. It was the same year that Daniel even came to know about what network marketing was; however, at that point, he did not know that network marketing and getting into financial technology industry would change his life forever.

By 2006, he began working into different areas of computer technology which included software vendoring, web application, software installation and maintenance, computer hardware repairs, thanks to the training he received from Wimax Institute of Computer Technology and in 2009 took admission in the University of Abuja.

With the aim to explore many known-unknown opportunities within the industry, Daniel in 2015 realized that his dream to make it big in the digital space could come true by getting into network marketing and working for the distribution of financial products.

To further increase his knowledge and hone his skills in network marketing and leadership, he immediately joined the GLE Team and since then has never looked back. He has become an active leader under the prominent mentorship of Paulo Tuynman.

It was on Paulo’s recommendation that Daniel joined Omegapro, which is an exceptional name as the global financial technology company, ahead in the industry with its offerings in forex and cryptocurrency for members of the public in over 100 countries.

It was Daniel’s strong vision that has today made him a Black Diamond rank holder at Omegapro and has turned him into a financial Educator, who shares the opportunity of Omegapro with a team of over 20,000 members from Australia, Middle East, UK, Asia, Africa and still working to conquer many such markets.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at http://danielonoja.com

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