If you are a young entrepreneur or a digital marketer looking for successful marketers who have been working in the field for years now, you are right in time because today we will talk about Mayank Mishra, a young individual from Noida com are trying his best to consolidate his place in the stock market as well as entrepreneurship industry.

This is a generation full of people who like to have innovative ideas about the work that they do. Sometimes, people like to become established in the corporate world, but not everyone thinks about ruling the corporate world. Being a digital marketer means having in control the various variables that guide along the invisible hand of the economic field. Hence, Mayank Mishra decided to venture into it from a very young age. The more experience he has, the more work he can do on a regular basis.

In order to know the reason for his success, we have to go a little back in the past and discover how he grew up and what kind of ideologies he grew up with. He completed his middle school education from a public school in Noida, and then went on to Kingsford international for higher education back then, he had a basic idea about the digital world, but mostly it is entrepreneurship that inspired him and soon evolved into a new form. Currently he is completing his undergraduate degree from the central University of Jammu. It was just the beginning of his career when he realised what inspires him.

Mayank Mishra understood how advantageous it is to invest in the stock market trading. Most people think that stock market trading is the worst thing to invest in, sense it is full of risks and variables, but have you ever thought about the fact that why so many people have been becoming rich with the help of stock market trading? This is because they have been utilising their full potential by using the trading market knowledge, complete information can only bring you profit. No, we never said this, these are the insights of Mayank Mishra, since he is performing professionally in the field.

“I think the younger generation needs to focus more on their career, these days they have been pretty casual and dependent. Once you are independent, you realise what you are passionate about, and if you don’t work towards your passion, you will probably land upon a job that pays you less than what you deserve, getting stuck in the constant loop of employment.” Says Mayank Mishra. He has a lot to put out for the younger generations, having faced difficulties in his own life and understanding the true importance of staying strong through such challenges.

Some of his distinguished positions in life have been being a member of the political party BJP in 2019 and also in the BJYM interns 150. These were meagre, there are more positions to come in the future and he just cannot wait to hold his values and conquer the future opportunities. Take notes, and keep going, you never know where you might land up.