Jaime Manteiga is Taptok and Venkon Corp’s co-founder and CEO and is one of the leading US experts in information security.

The value of cybersecurity in business can never be ignored, as year upon year, cyberattacks are happening at an unprecedented pace across the globe. No company with an online presence is resistant to a cyber-assault, and it can be utterly devastating to have the financial, physical, and legal effects of an attack on any company. Knowing the importance of privacy and protection of the data, Manteiga sets out a few approaches that can be used by organizations to avoid cyber-attacks. Manteiga is a Cuban-American technology entrepreneur and information security researcher, born on 29 September 1989. He is the founder/CEO of Venkon Corp, a computer and network security company based in Miami and TapTok a company that revolutionizes and disrupts the conventional way of networking.

He has over a decade of IT consulting and cybersecurity expertise and is publicly recognized by the highest level companies such as Tesla, Shopify, Spotify, and United Airlines. His sheer enthusiasm has helped him to achieve new heights in life and to set expectations for others. Speaking about his company TapTok, which he founded in 2020, the company unveiled new innovative products to facilitate networking and interactions between individuals and businesses. It incorporates an elegant and creative interface with contactless technology that allows individuals to simply exchange their contact information by bringing their card closer to a prospect’s device and automatically transmitting the information.

Understanding the spike in data breach rates. Manteiga also gives some valuable tips on how entrepreneurs can improve the protection of their organizations:
• Strong password policies: To make the password more difficult to crack, always make sure to create passwords that contain eight characters or more and often consist of numbers, a mixture of letters, symbols, etc.
• Reliable security solution: According to a nationally respected information security expert, today’s systems do more than just blocking spam and viruses. It can help search files for suspicious changes in programs and provide other warning signs by using a reliable protection solution.
• Know what needs to be protected: Businesses must know where the data is stored and used and effectively secure those areas accordingly.
• Update the systems often: If the systems are not up-to-date, they might not be secure from these phishing attempts and cyber threats.

Manteiga has also been an official member of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) and the Technology Council of Forbes, including many media outlets, including Forbes, PR Site, Kivo Daily, INC, and others.

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