When you peel back the layers of MikeyBadAss, you realize there is so much more to the man than what he reveals. While the name may compel you to visualize a person who is a hard nut to crack, but when it comes to life, there is nothing that he values more than music and family.  

MikeyBadAss introduction to music is an album of its own as he is a true emblem of rags to riches. His life took a pretty sharp turn from dealing drugs in the streets to dealing in solid beats when he realized that he had a true hip-hop artist within him waiting to be unleashed.  

He recognized that if he wanted to provide a good life to his son, he had to secure his future. By converting all his wealth made from the streets into a full-blown studio, MikeyBadAss focused his whole energy on starting his music career and build a better tomorrow for his son.  

MikeyBadAss officially took the music industry by storm in late 2017 when he launched “MB Multimedia Group,” consisting of a proper record label, clothing line, production houses, and whatnot. His praise for the single lead song “Slide On Em” earned his huge respect in the industry, helping him secure a Global Ambassador Role with RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE Magazine. 

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