Mohammad Taherzadeh, an entrepreneur and major project investor, was born in Tehran, Iran, on February 9, 1981.

Mohammad Taherzadeh had been an intelligent and productive individual as a child because he was diligent and resilient towards his teachers, always attempting to be helpful. Mohammad Taherzadeh began to work in summer sports due to his passion in this field while he was in fourth grade, but his ambition was to grow, so he served in a nearby high school for this goal. Mohammad Taherzadeh went into his favorite profession, bodybuilding, where he discovered his career.

Mohammad Taherzadeh’s childhood aspirations and goals are all the same ideals that he always had in his mind. While he did not have a specific strategy for his career, he has realized every desire and ambition he had as a kid and teenager. Most of his visions and trends are his creations.

Mohammad Taherzadeh has been already working across the clock after about 15 years, and he was in control of corporate works until a few years back. Mohammad Taherzadeh is very content with his mistakes, and he makes an effort to avoid them in the future. Any setback, in his mind, is a valuable lesson for a brighter future. Mohammad Taherzadeh would undoubtedly do what he believes is correct. Still, he will not proceed until he has thoroughly examined all of the factors and considers all of the possible outcomes.

Mohammad Taherzadeh’s primary aim was to make money; however, the method he earned money was also significant. Mohammad Taherzadeh determined that the product he would create would have no competition, be exclusive, inspire others’ admiration, and, most significantly, demonstrate an Iranian’s capacity to manufacture. When each member of an entrepreneur’s or investor’s team is happy and earning money for their families, the entrepreneur or investor loves their job.

If you want to excel in your career, Mohammad Taherzadeh recommends that you think about the needs of society first, rather than your own, and that you enjoy the job you want to start. When you see progress in your dreams, think about mistakes because when you are dealing with the first or second dilemma, do not get cold feet, science and intuition reinforce each other when both are used. And these methods will help you reach your goals.

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