When you feel you are interested in music, go to it quickly and take the first step in music and experience.

First of all, you have to choose your favorite instrument, which I will tell you what to do to find your favorite instrument.

You must first listen to all the sounds of the instruments and find your favorite instrument.

Well, when you have chosen your favorite instrument, we will go to training and practice.

You need to attend the training classes related to your instrument and do the necessary exercises.

If you want to become a professional in your field of music, you have to do a lot of exercises that will help you progress in that profession.

Many others ask the question:

Is there an age limit for learning music?

Many people think that you must learn music from childhood!

This sentence is wrong and you can learn music at any age, of course, with repeated efforts and exercises.

Dear friends, do not worry about your tradition and you can learn music at any age.

What instrument should we choose to learn music?

Well, you have to choose the instrument that you are interested in and continue it seriously.

Nowadays, due to the variety of instruments, everyone is confused as to which instrument to choose!

Learning an instrument has many ups and downs that even if you are disappointed in the middle of the road, you can not continue and give up.

The only thing that encourages you to play the instrument better and become a professional in that field is interest.

You may not believe it, but the motivator of all these successes is love and passion that keeps you strong in that field.

It may be hard and frustrating at first, but trust yourself and say I will succeed and get where I want to go.

So first of all, choose the instrument that you are interested in and fall in love with.

In a way that your whole being wants you to learn that instrument and make significant progress day by day.

It’s a mistake to be interested in a guitar and to learn to play the piano at your friend’s urging.

I repeat, the first factor in learning an instrument or music is interest and interest.

Biography of Hadi Hamrahi

Hadi accompanies famous and well-known Iranian musicians in the style of pop music, he has released 3 official music so far, he was born in April 1993.

Hadi is one of the well-known pop singers and has very famous music.

In the following, we are with you with a part of Hadi Hamrai’s talk about singing

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