Music artist lekenlakan has been making waves this past year- accumulating over 50,000 Spotify streams and establishing an official Vevo Artist Channel, to name a couple of achievements. He did all of this unsigned without any record label help, and surprisingly, has remained anonymous throughout the process. In the digital age when everything is on display and easily attainable with the click of a button, this artist has decided to go about things differently.

Remaining independent and anonymous has granted lekenlakan a freedom that is rare to find in the music industry. The absence of pressure from executives and fans to display a certain persona keeps lekenlakan delivering music in his own time, on his own terms. While nobody has connected the dots to who lekenlakan is, they definitely connect and relate to his music. With songs ranging across different genres, lekenlakan desires to ensure that quality and creativeness remain at the forefront.

Listeners will quickly discover this artist means business. Scrolling through his verified Genius artist account will display funny stories, quirky facts, and an in-depth analysis of each single. Even an explanation for his name, “lekenlakan” is there (it is a combination of his favorite artists: Lecrae, Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, and Kanye West). Stay tuned for lekenlakan’s next release, reportedly a Vevo video for his single, “blockt. (periodt!)”. In the meantime, check out lekenlakan at and watch his most recent Vevo video 

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