Reyan has gained popularity and recognition as an independent singer, rapper, songwriter, and musician who is from Dublin, Ireland but has roots in Kerala, India. Recently, Reyan has become a front runner in bringing Indo-Western music in the Malayalam language to international spaces. He makes RnB and rap music.

Reyan is someone who was always interested in music. Talking about the same in an informal discussion, Reyan said, “I remember being into music when I was just fourteen. That childhood interest eventually manifested into a passion and by the age of nineteen, I began writing songs. I took inspiration from international artists like Drake and Mickey Singh.” “I felt that Malayalam music was underrepresented and I wanted to take it to a global level where it gets the appreciation and traction that it has always deserved,” he adds.

In the South Asian realm, Reyan’s singles have already gained widespread positive attention and acknowledgement. Tracks like ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Thamburati’ are some of his biggest hits. ‘Thamburati,’ especially, went extremely viral on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It got more than one million streams and views on music streaming applications. One of Reyan’s lines from the single “She a bad B, all the aunties call her a midduki” became very popular. To date, ‘Thamburati’ remains Reyan’s most well-received song that blends Malayalam, Tamil and Afro music.

Even though as a music artist, Reyan has released only a few singles, he is already emerging as an extremely promising singer, rapper and songwriter who brings nothing but originality and creativity to the table. Along with a friend, he runs a YouTube channel by the name of ‘New Thira’ which means a new wave of cultural change and art that he aims to bring to the world. All official videos and behind-the-scenes footage of his singles are released on the channel.

Check out Reyan’s Instagram page here.

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