Nick Cordero’s life and legacy were recalled in an heartwarming tribute streamed on on Sunday evening.

The late entertainer’s companions and Broadway partners shared touching memories of Cordero’s effect in front of an audience, while his better half, Amanda Kloots, sincerely described their time together and his battle to live in the midst of his health battles.

Cordero died on July 5, after a lengthy hospitalization and various health intricacies due to COVID-19. He was 41.

Kloots opened Sunday’s tribute, telling those watching that her better half “would want this memorial to be a celebration that makes people smile, that makes people sing, that makes people remember his life in a beautiful way.”

“Nick always felt so blessed. He always said that to me, ‘I’m so blessed.’ We lived such a blessed life, so I want to thank you for joining me tonight in this celebration of his life,” she stated, encouraging fans to give to Save the Music in Cordero’s honor. “All you have to do is text Cordero to 41444 if you’d like to make a donation.”

Throughout the following two hours, Cordero’s previous castmates from creations including A Bronx Tale, The Toxic Avenger, Rock of Ages and Waitress showed up on screen. Photos and recordings of his life were shown, and Kloots showed up again to examine the show that changed his – and her – life, Bullets Over Broadway.

“Bullets Over Broadway, Nick would say changed his life, and it truly did. He was about to give up on performing,” she stated, uncovering he was taking land courses at that point. “When he booked Bullets Over Broadway, I was standing next to him after the reading, and I was in awe of my husband-to-be. He worked so hard at this role and he earned a Tony nomination for it, and it truly did become a show that changed his life.”

“Nick and I met during Bullets Over Broadway, fell in love, and then got married,” she shared. “It was a pretty good showmance, if you ask me.”

At that point, minutes from his and Kloots’ wedding dance, her pregnancy, and birth of their child, Elvis, played on screen. The fitness mentor had tears in her eyes when she showed up once more, recapping her and Cordero’s relationship and a months ago together.

“Nick would always say that we were very different, that we shouldn’t be together… but I truly believe it was our differences that made us a perfect match. We got married in 2017… it was perfect, and we had Elvis a couple years later, who is just — you know, the most beautiful little boy, and I’m so grateful that I have him, because he’s just the spitting image of him,” Kloots shared.

“I love my husband so much, and I’m so proud of the fight that he did that I watched, every single day, as he fought for his life. My husband, he was a dreamer, he was everybody’s friend, he was an incredible husband, an amazing father, brother, son, best friend. He just was the kind of guy that everybody liked to have around,” she proceeded. “The last three months of Nick’s life, he truly showed me what a strong person he was. Fighting every single day for his life, for me and for Elvis. I will miss you every single day sweetheart. I love you so much. Thank you for leaving us with your music.”

The tribute special concluded with a fragment on Cordero’s music, including the tune that Kloots completed after his passing, “Not Far Away,” and fans ringing in to sing “Live Your Life” to urge him to wake up while he was in a coma.

“It seriously was a lifeline to me,” Kloots said. “It was a lifeline for support.”

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Kloots denoted the multi month commemoration of Cordero’s passing.

“You’ve been gone two months today. There isn’t a day I haven’t missed you, cried for you and wished I could go back in time,” she composed close by a sweet selfie of her and Cordero.

“Please join me tomorrow in the public memorial for Nick on – it will go live 4pm PST/7pm EST. There has been so much love going into making this memorial as special as Nick was. Thank you to any and all who gave their time and talent so graciously,” she composed.

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