Nicola Rusulet or Dj venom has always thought that music is a form of care for everything and this is his motto. He has worked together with many Italian artists and composed soundtracks for many Italian and American films, he soon moved to the United States to expand his musical knowledge. There are some things which makes him or his company stand out. His record company is highlighted by his style of working and by his friendliness and style of musical composition

Some tips which he would recommend to his colleagues in his industry to help them to thrive and not “burn out’’. He advises all his fellow composer musicians never to be in a hurry and always check the work you do with your heart, don’t do things fast because you end up failing. He took to this career when HE was little.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. There is also some great people in his life who he is grateful towards who helped get him to where he is. He has to thank his father who from an early age taught him the basics of musical composition and to his team he has to thank luca Guidhe and Rachele Barbierhe, the two best managers he had for musical composition

He has also used his success to bring goodness to the world. He used his success to open the eyes of people with a lot of wickedness, he used his music and his soundtracks as a cure for those who were not happy. He always produced all his songs with the heart for all his listeners.

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