Photography can change the world. This fact has been proven time and time again.  What’s more fascinating is how people find numerous different ways and avenues to harness the power of photography to keep making profound differences in human lives.

Some do it through the direct sharing of their photos, some by curating great photography, while people like Ahmed Najm, the main focus of our piece today, do it by helping and supporting photographers; giving them the platform and avenue to get their works to the world where they can make a real difference.

The Power of Photography

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways through which we get through to our fellow humans and inspire them to see things differently and in a more beautiful version. According to Ahmed Najm, photography is one of the most powerful tools for storytelling.

He’s always been a photography enthusiast for as long as he can remember, Ahmed Najm. And his dreams of changing the world through photography seemed like a mirage for a long time.

Thanks to his unquestionable passion for the art, his grit and determination, and his never quit attitude, that dream now is very much a reality.

How Ahmed Najm is Changing Things

Metrography and WordPress

As the managing director of Metrography Agency, the first and only Iraqi photo agency, Ahmed Najm helps in the discovery and empowerment of numerous photographers around the region – a mission that has helped previously undiscovered photographers share their works and inspire positive results among the population.

Along with this, Ahmed Najm is also the managing director of Worldpress Photo. What WordPress does is serve as an outlet for connecting the world with stories that matter. 

Just as mentioned earlier, storytelling is one of the ways to elicit strong emotions in people and get them to see things in a completely different light. This is what Worldpress Photo and Ahmed Najm are all about.

Vim Foundation and Humans of Kurdistan

Mr. Najm is also the co-founder of Vim foundation, a charity organization that seeks to deal with many of the major problems currently on the throat of our society such as natural disasters, inequality, hazards, and a host of others.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of Vim Foundation is community. According to Ahmed Najm, you can’t aim to impact any profound change in human lives without first fostering a thriving community where people seek to help each other and make a tangible difference on the ills of society.

And that is where Vim foundation comes close to another one of Ahmed Najm’s organizations, “Humans of Kurdistan”, of which he’s also a co-founder.

Here Ahmed Najm and his group of staff harness the power of beautiful photography of day-to-day human activities in the region to touch and inspire people all around.

In Summary

Ahmed Najm wants to change the world with photography and at the moment he’s making great headway doing it. Through numerous organizations, agencies, and foundations Ahmed Najm keeps helping and discovering photographers who seek to inspire and motivate people from the region and all over the world.

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