Sergey Tokarev, the initiator of STEM is FEM, is keen to motivate Ukrainian young girls to contribute to the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). STEM is FEMhas initiated a large-scale art project, SHE is SCIENCE, to recognize the contribution of Ukrainian female scientists in the development of science at a broader level. The curators of STEM is FEM are now organizing an exhibition and an essay writing competition in this regard.

Issue of Gender Inequality in Science

According to Sergey Tokarevthe Reface investor, the SHE is SCIENCE project is initiated to fill the knowledge gap about the contribution of female scientists in science. The Ukrainian public knows Ukrainian male scientists and their work in detail as they are famous. For example, almost every Ukrainian knows the names like Sergei Koroliv, Vladimir Vernadsky, Borys Paton, and many more. On the other hand, there are only a few Ukrainians that know Ukrainian female scientists and their work in the development of science at the local and global levels. Gender inequality in science is a global issue. SHE is SCIENCE is one of the efforts to address this issue and motivate more Ukrainian girls to enter the STEM field.

Notable Work of Ukrainian Female Scientists

There are various Ukrainian female scientists that have played a crucial role in the development of science at the international level. However, the Ukrainian public is not aware of their role. For example, Svitlana Arbuzova, a Ukrainian biologist, developed a strategy to detect hereditary diseases by using genetic screening. Her strategy boosted the whole industry, and now,it is being used at the global level. Similarly, the research work of Antonina Prykhotko, a Ukrainian female physicist, changed the fundamental understanding of solid-state physics. The scientific community of the world admires her contribution in the field of non-metallic crystals. Sergey Tokarev says that the purpose of SHE is SCIENCE is to let people know about the excellence of these two female scientists and various others.

SHE is SCIENCE: Pre-Premier Exhibition and Essay Competition

STEM is FEM is set to organize SHE is SCIENCE: Pre-Premier Exhibition on March 5. The exhibition will take place in the conference room of UNIT.Verse in Kyiv. The portraits of 12 Ukrainian female scientists will be displayed in this exhibition. The experts of modern illustration developed these portraits under the leadership of Sergiy Maidukov. Along with the exhibition, the event will include lectures, panel discussions, and live communication with portrait heroines.

Sergey Tokarev says that they have invited portrait heroines to attend the event for the motivation of young girls. “In the age of visual communication, in the era of Instagram, an art exhibition is the best way to attract young people to the world of science,” he adds.

STEM is FEM is also organizing an essay writing competition for young Ukrainian girls aging 14-21. The participants are required to choose any of the 12 portrait heroines and write an essay on her/their contribution to the field of science. The interested girls can enter the competition by visiting the official website of STEM is FEM. 

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