Ashton Traitor somehow found a way to continuously release catchy hits, without adapting to the success. He stays weird, anti, underground.

It’s all too easy to change your ways once you get a first taste of success. Especially for those who have always felt like the odd one, the misfit. Suddenly there is this overwhelming amount of validation and admiration.
It’s so easy to get caught up in the emotions, to let this effect your behaviour and your output.

Ashton Traitor knows about this position oh so well. And he is very rare of it. After is first hit ‘On My Own’ in 2017, the emo-trap pioneer decided not to jump on his own hype and sign with a major label that pushes him to release an album as soon as possible, but stayed as underground as he possibly could.

Continuously releasing new single tracks, the artist is building his strong community of fans organically and fully independent.

After all, he is still hiding his face behind masks, hair and hoodies. Who is Ashton Traitor? There is so much to say, even without knowing his identity.
Someone To Identify With Especially younger generations, teenagers and the ones that grew up with Instagram will find it much easier to understand Ashton Traitor’s bigger vision and artistic concept. Feeling of alienation, misunderstood by society, not fitting in. Sadness, pain, fears, all these topics are found in the Los Angeles bound artist’s music.

His self-directed music videos underline these topics and expressions very strongly, as Ashton Traitor is never pictured amongst other people, and if so, in extreme contrast.

And if you’re thinking you’ve seen these aesthetics before, you aren’t that wrong.

A lot of the elements found in Traitor’s genre-breaking version of hiphop are found in the emo-scene back in the 2000s.

As non-conformist and chaotic as his concept might seem, his work ethic and fan base speaks for itself. We’re pretty he is a force to be reckoned with in the next months and years.

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