If every hot producer of the last five years was tossed into a cauldron and stirred together until they were only mildly recognizable, the end product would probably be Gioisofficial.

From producing anthems like “Push It,” or “Polished” Gio proved to the industry that he is a force to be reckoned with. He always generates a solid hit from whatever trend he’s chasing. Rags to Riche$ opens with a typical “Dreams and Nightmares”-style intro. The first gloomy piano key lands, sending shivers through all who are listening. He aims to elicit an emotional response from people who are listening.

There’s not a melody Gio isn’t comfortable with. What impresses me the most with Gio is that, in a time where edm music is so over saturated and formulated, Gio was able to deliver a very well crafted debut ep. Every beat sounds different, and they all feel like they fit within the EP theme. Every feature does a good job as well, with Quando Rondo absolutely crushing his part on Nothing Else Matters. Gio’s songwriting talent is also impressive. Instead of creating repetitive party tracks, Gio provides storytelling mixed with a trap style for his songs, and it works well.

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