Pittsburgh Actress and Model Wendy Lee Rounds, who has previously been an Associate Producer in several indie films has recently been named Production Manager for “One Mic” where she is also cast in a leading role alongside industry legends Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz. Wendy has made her mark locally as a host on Bar-jutsu Sports when she did a guest appearance and the producer James Porco asked her to join the show that same evening. Wendy also played a deranged killer in several indie films, including “The Carver House”, which ironically led her to a blossoming modeling career, as the promo photos taken were then seen by one of the publishers of Jetset Magazine and Wendy was “hand-selected” to be part of the cover model search the magazine had running at the time. In early 2022, Aaron “GothHop” Romeo, a musician and cast member in “The Carver House” introduced Wendy to Corley “Yung Curl” White, a music artist and promoter who, at the time, had recently directed his first independent movie “Get Lost”, which Romeo also appeared in. Wendy and Yung Curl quickly realized they had common business goals and created a professional alliance. Each had already begun to build individual teams of dedicated actors, musicians, and models, but realized together they were even stronger. The two aligned goals with one mission, to build an empire and take over the industry, creating an unstoppable “family” of entertainers, using their all-star team of avengers to cast future projects starting with their first project together, a short horror parody film “My Neighbors R Witches”, staring Corley’s team, as well as Wendy and actress, model and TikTok influencer, Dawn Lori. The team’s strength and size has grown exponentially, and their success is becoming more dominant by the day. It is obvious there are many big things to come for Wendy Lee Rounds, Yung Curl, Aaron Romeo, Dawn Lori, Draquan Mathis, Hengo Raw, Tone Boyd, Gambeno Dawson, Key Note, Jellaketa Jackson Hawkins, and the rest of the team, as they appear to be dominating the industry and shining brightly in everything they do. You can check Wendy and the team out in the star-studded film “One Mic” featuring Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz, as well as rapper Bill Collector. The movie will also introduce multiple new music artists who will be displayed in the film and on the soundtrack. Filming for “OneMic” is scheduled to begin this summer with a release date this fall. “One Mic” will be available on Tubi and Amazon Prime, among other streaming platforms. “One Mic” was written and produced by the “star maker” and media mogul, Corley White (aka “Yung Curl”). 

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