Born in New Jersey and raised in North Carolina, CeJay is a talented artist who blends the sounds of Rap, Pop, and Latin music into a sound that is uniquely all his own. He started performing at local bars at just the age of three and he has been working on his craft and developing his sound ever since. Like many musicians and entertainment moguls, he started to create music on a Macbook in his college dorm which set him on a path to follow his dreams.

After generating a small buzz, he fell in love with the process and he now finds himself on the cusp of the next level of his career. He released his latest single, “She Don’t Wanna Leave”, back at the end of February and it’s already amassed 14,000 streams on Spotify. On the heels of this, we got the chance to learn more about him and his career and what his future goals look like. 

To get to know CeJay as an artist, examining “She Don’t Wanna Leave” is a great place to start as he believes the song best represents his sound as an artist as a whole. Let’s take a look at it as well as a few other of his tracks. 

“She Don’t Wanna Leave” by CeJay

We’ll start off with the fact that we really enjoyed this song. The tropical-styled beat comes in right off of the top and has you vibing immediately. The beat will drive you throughout the song, and the melody is infectious. CeJay adds perfectly layered vocals that showcase his different ranges and versatility. The song had us ready for the return of beach parties and bars in 2021. 

The music video adds cool visuals to this track and is on it’s way to surpassing 6,000 views in just barely a month of being up on YouTube. You can check it out below.

“With or Without You” by CeJay

The beat on this track gives off a similar vibe as “She Don’t Wanna Leave”, but it also highlights CeJay’s ability as a rapper while he rips over a laid-back flow. The song features a cool balance between English and Spanish lyrics and the production is completely on point as usual. It’s really no surprise that this song has already surpassed 70,000 streams on Spotify.

The music video for this one is a bit more stripped down and focuses on CeJay performing and enjoying his own music and being an artist. You can check it out here: 

“Company” by CeJay

The last song we are looking at has the truest rap/hip-hop feel to it of the three. We mentioned earlier that CeJay prides himself on blending the sounds of Rap, Pop, and Latin music, and that versatility is on full display in these three tracks. The beat in this one is simple and effective and you get to see his lyrical talent for a full 2minutess and 38 seconds. With 24,000-plus streams to date, this is another song that has helped CeJay get his name in front of a lot of fans.

On that versatility, it truly is a source of pride for the young Emcee. 

“I think I stand out as an artist because of my versatility and my uniqueness. I can make a summer bilingual anthem and then turn around and make a rap song or a moody R&B record. I also stand out because of my appearance. I have a unique strawberry birthmark under my right eye (your left).”

We can’t say we disagree with this. 

Having a unique sound is tough in today’s world of user generated content, but CeJay does it as well as any artist out there. One thing that is abundantly noticeable in is approach, is his commitment to quality. From the songs he writes to the production of those songs, to his music videos, to his press photos, he has carefully constructed his career and done so at a high level. That sort of attitude and approach will help him establish himself and accomplish his long-term goals. 

We asked him about his goals and here is what he told us. 

“My goals within the music industry is to inspire people and create music people can relate to while highlighting my Puerto Rican culture along with my experience growing up in North Carolina. I want to show kids that they can chase their dreams and it will pay off one day.”

These types of goals make him an easy guy to root for. Today, we see more and more Latin flare in the world of hip-hop and it’s always great to see an artist that is interested in promoting and showcasing their culture for the world to see. As for the message to the kids, I think it’s the type of message we all want to pass down to the future generations. 

Independent Artists come with many different sounds, but it will be hard to find a better one than CeJay. He’s a quality artist who focuses on doing music his way and providing his fans with high-quality tracks. His latest track, “She Don’t Wanna Leave” is poised to put him even more on the map and in front of even more fans. With that as a launching pad, the sky is truly the limit for him. Sometimes you hear an artist and you know immediately that they have the “It Factor”, and that’s what we hear with CeJay.

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