The artist, whose real name is Corey L Jordan, came clean about the real reason why it’s taken him so long to release new music in a recent interview with SMG.

“I’m a no-stone-unturned kind of artist,” he explained. “I haven’t put a new music out for 6 months. At this point, my fans are like ‘What’s the hold up?”

It’s a decision he addressed in a heartfelt interview earlier this year, but CJ Vibez hopes that this will bring some understanding about the “perfectionist” tendencies that have kept him from dropping a new project”.

“In my upcoming visual, you’ll see what kind of person I am,” he said. “Maybe [my fans] will understand to an extent, ‘Oh, so this is why it took him so long to do X, Y or Z,’” he said. “But really, I just wanted people to see me for me. If it helps my fans to see, ‘Oh he’s like a perfectionist — I see that through his character in Vibe Walk, I now understand why it could take a guy like him 6 months to finish a music video.

“I gotta finish it. The sooner the better, I’ll say that. I could finish it in a month, or it could take me another 3 months,” he joked before quickly taking it back but, He promised himself if He went through putting out a single that He would complete the single in its entirety.

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