When you can buy a multi-purpose computing pod, why settle for a desk and an ultrawide monitor? This is the question that Cooler Master hopes the Orb X, its recently announced semi-enclosed work and gaming station, will elicit in you. Even though the Orb X won’t completely cut you off from the outside world, once you’re inside its ABS plastic shell, your family and roommates will definitely say that you’re not social.

The inherent chair is produced using “genuine leather,” and highlights a completely flexible headrest, lumbar help, and leg rest. The Orb X’s motorized dome lowers a screen to eye level once you’re seated. Regarding screens, the pod can be set up with one 34-inch display or up to three 27-inch displays. The Orb X has a built-in surround sound system that Cooler Master claims will give you a realistic soundstage without the need for expensive headphones, completing the multimedia experience.

Other clever highlights incorporate a secret compartment where you can store your PC and control center. A desk with a few USB-A and USB-C ports and built-in wireless charging are also on the inside. Oh, and accent lighting in RGB is evident throughout.
Cooler Master isn’t the only company making a massive device like the Orb X; in 2018, Acer introduced the $20,000 Predator Thronos, and a year later, it introduced the more affordable Thronos Air. Pricing information and a release date for the Orb X have not yet been announced by Cooler Master.

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