Cyffa and Dela were friends before this hit sprung out it was just a matter of time before to stir something up musically. The universe brought these two together for a purpose more than people know Cyffa and Dela’s relationship is passed just business they’re bro and sis throughout this music industry like shark boy and lava girl. Cyffa found Dela on Instagram and reached out as an artist but connecting with each other more they grew to learning more about each other not knowing they’re both Libras. So Cyffa felt as if them working on a song would go far because of her tik tok and his Instagram. Cyffa is already a marketer and Dela as the influencer put the two together you make a complete network. From then on Cyffa and Dela together went along with Cyffa’s plan on dropping a song right after tik tok haters claimed Dela can’t rap. Cyffa calls Its64boy for a beat pack and Its64boy tags YoungFrenchy808 to the record from then on leading it to be released through EMPIRE Distribution.

Cyffa had set up everything from having every individual to be an importance of the record to how to market the song to gain numbers which Its64boy plays a major roll in marketing the record Fineto as well. Within 3 months Fineto hits 100k on Spotify and 1.36 Million on SoundCloud. Cyffa says he isn’t finished with releasing hit records as he’s reaching to be a platinum artist this year with Stackin Up Entertainment.

Check out the latest single, FINETO here:

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