s it important for a musician to be signed to a major label? Well according to Da’Very Joseph who is better known as Blakk Gawd does not believe being signed to a major label is a requirement in 2021. 

“Once you do your research and learn the ins and outs of the music industry, as an artist you will not be concerned with signing to a major record label” – Davery Joseph 

Da’Very Ezell Joseph is the Chief Executive Officer of C7 Records LLC. Established in 2019, before creating his own music label Da’Very took many years

 to learn what the music business is all about. In this day in age everything is more digitally suitable for anyone to gain the attention from the masses. With social media being the main outlet to build a fan base and showcasing one’s talent Da’very knew it would be easy to gain traction and a buzz as a musical artist. 

“If you know how to promote yourself and learn the importance of algorithms then everything else is easy to accomplish when you have a real talent” 

After years of trial and error Da’Very finally learned how to run successful ads to bring his talents into the homes of music lovers around the world. Through ads Da’Very was able to build him a personal fan base on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Da’Very only purpose of creating C7 Records LLC was to personally seal the deal on him being a successful rapper. Later on down the road Da’Very realized owning a legitimate business comes with perks that can take his music career to the next level. He also realized that he can use his label to help other artists.

Da’Very takes the time to teach artists how to run their own ads, market themselves within their budget, and gain followers that support their craft. Everyone knows that owning a business you can be approved for business loans. Da’Very definitely takes advantage of this pro of owning his own business. Using loans to pay for promotion and marketing, buying studio equipment, and hosting his own event; there is no stopping Da’Very when it comes to getting his name out there. 

“I do not go overboard when borrowing money. I only take out what I know I can pay back. The level I am at now I technically do not need to take a loan to do what I have to do. I just take it out to build my line of credit so in the future If I need more I can get more”

To Learn more about C7 Records LLC follow them on Instagram @c7_records or check out their website at www.c7recordsllc.com

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