E.Marinella is well-established as one of the best and unique brands that styles reputable personalities and celebrities. Coming from the finest Neapolitan fabrics, the bespoke E.Marinella ties are made to blend with corporate fashion. Since its establishment in 1914, founder, Don Eugenio Marinella, has made sure the brand continues to serve as a universal symbol of craftsmanship and tailoring excellence. 

Currently, the mantle of leadership has been passed to the fourth generation Marinella entrepreneur, Alessandro Marinella, who has kept the brand’s traditional flag of excellence flying. The young CEO has groomed himself for this leadership role because of his passion for extending Neapolitan fashion to the world.

Having received good and formative experiences from his early years at the Liceo Scientifico Mercalli in Chiaia to his Business Administration program at the University of Naples, Federico II. Alessandro has also undergone various administrative courses abroad, in London and Barcelona, cities that are known to have rich fashion traditions as well. 

There is more to this budding entrepreneur, here are some amazing facts you didn’t know about Alessandro Marinella.

  1. Biggest Passion: As a man that takes pride in exquisite dressing, Alessandro Marinella shares other passions from fashion. The next big thing for him is sports. He mentioned in an interview that he enjoys exercising outdoors more because it makes him feel healthy.
  1. He is not a Jewellery Person: Alessandro Marinella likes to keep his looks simple and smart. He prefers not to adorn his arms and neck or wear a simple bracelet.
  1. He is Big on Investment: The young CEO loves investing. He recently admitted that his biggest purchase in the last six months was stock investments and he made such investments for more experience purposes.
  1. Best Literature: According to him, the best book he has read so far is Count of Mount Cristo. Alessandro says that reading books helps in perceiving life in stages and phases. Over the years, he has developed a keen interest in business books and fashion books as well.
  1. Go-To Shopping Cities: In Italy, Alessandro Marinella considers Milan as the best place to find all the latest fashion and latest products because it is a cosmopolitan city. Other suitable shopping city options include New York and London. However, he mentioned Naples as the home of authentic and artisanal products because of the traditional craftsmanship and bespoke product it has.
  1. Most Fashionable Men: To him, being considered as “well-dressed”, must now come with the ability to use and properly express your personality through your look. A couple of people Alessandro puts in the best-dressed category are Gianni Agnelli, Sean Connery, and his father, Maurizio Marinella.
  1. Favourite Watch: Alessandro is a huge fan of the Panerai limited edition. He also ranks Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoultre in the same category because they are exquisite.

In all, Alessandro Marinella is the true epitome of dedication, hard work, innovation, and family values. As a leader of a brand that is rich in historical excellence, he is growing E.Marinella as a bigger brand and expanding the Neapolitan culture in his own unique ways.     

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