Changing the appearance of the nose by injecting approved fillers without surgical intervention is called liquid rhinoplasty.

Although this work can be done under local anesthesia and in a short time and on an outpatient basis, and for this reason it has received a lot of attention, but it is usually effective in noses that need a brief change.

With this method, the size of the nose will not be reduced at all. Also, this shape change is temporary and transitory, so that after absorbing the filler (about 12-6 months), the nose will return to its original shape, so it is not cost-effective.

If the patient decides to perform nose surgery after this procedure, problems may arise in the surgical process and its restoration due to the formation of adhesion tissue. In addition, there is a possibility of blockage of the blood vessels of the nose skin (blackening of the nose skin) and eyes (blindness), although it is very small.

Surgical noses that have form defects and lack of tissue from a cosmetic point of view

Those who face slight deviation in the nose area

Small noses that need to be improved.

Those who have a hump on the bridge of their nose and the size of their nose is not large.

Noses that need to be corrected by improving the tip area, excessive upper head.

With this method, the shape of the nose can be modified and repaired without requiring open or closed surgery, and only gel injection can solve many problems. As a result, the final costs of rhinoplasty have been significantly reduced compared to rhinoplasty. There is no comparison.

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