In today’s digital-driven society, brick and mortar stores and offices are becoming mostly redundant. The world is more convenience focused than ever before, with a growing customer base and workforce opting to shop and work solely from the comfort of their own homes. 

In such a scenario, e-commerce is king. In a world governed by the internet, any business that does not have a presence online is doing itself a grave disservice. Six years ago, e-commerce expert Ray Scott instinctively realized that if you didn’t adapt to the online business revolution fast, you’d soon get left behind and miss out on a wealth of lucrative opportunities. We caught up with the entrepreneur from Virginia to find out more about his intriguing journey. 

Q: Hello Raymond. In 2014 you made your first $4000 online and began a rollercoaster journey, which would see you launch Was it all part of a grand plan?  

A: Not really. Things just fell into place through a combination of hard work and ambition. I was working at the Naval Credit Union. To substitute my income, I set up a website called ProjectPayDay, which offered certified public accountant services. It was a modest success, and from there, I dabbled in a few marketing platforms selling advertising space. But it wasn’t until 2016, when I launched my store as an Amazon seller, that things really took off, and I was able to ditch the day job. 

Q: Could you please tell us how you scaled your dropshipping business?

A: Sure. From July 2016 to December 2016, I grew my online store until it reached 100k in gross sales. It was a massive achievement for me and something of a turning point. It enabled me to launch, where I’d offer my expertise and skillset to build, manage, and scale other Amazon seller accounts. It’s been a huge success, and I’ve had consistent results across the board. To date, we’ve created 400 plus accounts, which have proved extremely profitable for the clients involved.

Q: What inspired you to embrace the path of entrepreneurship?

A: My father was a massive influence. He was the sole income provider in our house, and his work ethic was as formidable as it was fierce. He always preached to me that the only way to get your time back was by being an entrepreneur, and that’s something that has always stayed with me. It inspired me to chase my dreams, and the rest is history.

Q: As a devoted husband and proud father of two daughters, please share your thoughts on family and its role in your life

A: My grandmother was a huge supporter of everything I did. That level of belief has a positive effect on you as an individual. It’s something I strive to offer to all my clients. I offer my daughters the same freedom that I sought myself. To me, my family motivated me to become a better person and a successful entrepreneur.

Q: It’s been a real pleasure speaking to you, Ray. In closing, what, if any, are your predictions for the e-commerce industry? 

A: The pleasure’s been all mine. As far as the future of e-commerce is concerned, the sky’s the limit. The internet has made your shop window accessible to millions of people worldwide, 24-7. There’s never been a better time to trade. And with new technology being introduced, the online experience keeps evolving for the better. It’s just going to continue to grow in terms of popularity and turnover effortlessly. 

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