Building a business as a woman is equally challenging as raising a child. However, things are even more challenging in business for the single mother. Generally, in society, we can observe a growing number of problems for single mothers. These problems may involve lack of support, financial struggle, emotional battles, realization and more. Brittny Ellington exactly knows how it feels to be a single mother in the technology and entrepreneurship world. She has pivoted from being helpless to now helping thousands of women across the USA. She believes that the struggles of being a single mom or a woman, in general, are immense, and although we’ve made major strides in this area, we still have work to do.

How is The Daughter House Project enabling women to be independent?

Brittny Ellington, the CEO & founder of The Daughter House Project, is from Brooklyn, New York. She works as an operations manager at Amazon. Brittny currently has multiple ventures, and she has had her share of trials and tribulations raising 2 children as a single mom. However, from her experience and observing the exact pain points of single mothers, she decided to do something about it. Hence, she knew it was crucial to have a social impact venture such as The Daughter House Project.

The Daughter House Project is a dynamic platform to unite women under the stress and pressure of society. Various women, mothers and especially single mom’s struggle financially as employers prefer more stable employees and consider these women unreliable. The Daughter House Project is determined to uplift and empower such women by allowing them to showcase their skills. Brittny’s idea is to unite the women who can provide opportunities with women who can benefit from a support system and sisterhood providing mentorship in financial literacy, career development and self-care. Furthermore, the idea is to create a positive environment for all women to support and uplift each other.

Currently, The Daughter House Project is the parent company of many subsidiaries. Brittny plans to diversify the services provided irrespective of the type of industry. The platform offers digital courses that help single moms balance their lives in financial literacy, career development, and self-care. They are also collaborating with significant beauty and fashion brands and vendors with authentic bundle hair at an affordable price. Brittny has vast experience in the music industry and has a good network that can provide women with the knowledge and resources to enter the music industry.

The platform is trying to venture into credit repair, travel agency, film and production, and map out a reality show. It will be a multi-chapter campaign to build one of the most prominent women communities in the USA. The famous cities have the NYC chapter, Miami Chapter, the Atlanta chapter, The Houston Chapter or the Dallas Chapter etc. The long-term plan is to produce a reality show showcasing single moms in a positive and professional environment, independently raising children as professionals and entrepreneurs. In addition, the community will host several networking events for single moms and the women who support them, together they’ll unite and disrupt the business world in the USA.

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