One of the things we can do on Instagram is, see which photo someone liked. This is handy for knowing what our followers or friends like. Although it is also used to find out if your boyfriend/girlfriend likes other people.

What photos does a person like on Instagram?

Every time you like or like a photo, it is saved and everyone who follows us can see exactly which photo or video we liked. This is something that undoubtedly in couples can generate one or the other problem, although it is an option that Instagram has so we cannot avoid it. The problem is, you cannot find the tastes of that specific person. However, we have a list of likes that all of our followers have given. Therefore, you are going to have to search through this whole list in case you are looking for the activity of someone in particular.

After hearing a lot from everyone you know and reading my tutorial on the subject, you finally made a decision and created an Instagram account as well. All satisfied with what they started posting photos and videos left and right, following other users and looking at other people’s pictures. For the moment, everything is clear enough for you that the famous application has hardly any secrets for you. Almost, in fact. If you are here now and reading these lines, it seems clear to me that something about how Instagram works continues to elude you. Specifically, you want to understand how to see likes on a friend’s Instagram.

How do you say? Things are exactly like this and would you like to know if I could help you in this regard? Of course, do not worry. If you allow me a few minutes of your precious free time, I can actually show you, in detail, how to see both the likes your friends have added under other people’s photos and videos and the ones they have received on their own. Do not worry, you will not have to do anything too complicated or out of reach. It is very simple, I assure you!

Then? Do you want to put the talk aside and finally take action? Yes? Excellent! Therefore, I suggest that we do not have more time and get down to business. Pick up your mobile phone Follow the instructions below and you will see that in no time you will be successful. Ah, I almost forgot, if you use Instagram also through the browser or through the special application for windows 10 at the end of the guide, you will find explained how to do this even in this case. I wish you, as always, happy reading.

Do you want to know how to see the likes on Instagram that your friend has received for their photos or videos and you have an Android mobile phone or tablet? So, to begin with, launch the famous app on your device by going to the screen where all app and tapping on the Instagram icon, then go to the friend referral profile (you can do that by tapping on your photo present at home or by pressing the magnifying glass down and writing the first name in the search field up). Then tap the message you want to know more about.

How to see someone’s likes on Instagram

In said list, you will be able to see the activity of the people you follow on Instagram or how to see what someone likes on Instagram. As we mentioned earlier, you cannot search for activity for a specific person. So if you want to see what photos he liked etc. You will have to go through this entire list until you find the person in question. You cannot only see the likes they have given to different photos or videos. However, you can also see who started following or who followed them. It is a striking option that can obviously cause problems for many people, but it is available from the official app. Therefore, if you are in a relationship or with someone who is somewhat jealous, we recommend that you resist the urge to give heart to any beautiful woman that appears since anyone who follows you can see what photos you like and who you are.