Let’s be honest: driving without music sucks. Street clamor is irritating, and needing genuine discussion with the others in your vehicle? Nooooo, thank you! Guarantee that you have your tunes close nearby out and about by incorporating YouTube Music legitimately into the navigation screen as you follow the blue line home following a tiring day.

Google Maps lets you control YouTube Music straightforwardly from the bearings screen, however you need to turn it on first.

Fortunately, you can do it in the time you’re stuck at a red light — yet kindly, don’t do this while the vehicle is moving except if you’re a traveler.

Instructions to enable YouTube Music in Google Maps navigation mode

  • From the Google Maps navigation mode, swipe up on the base tab.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Show media playback controls.
  • Tap YouTube Music.
  • Tap Next.

Peruse the disclaimer and advise yourself that you’re driving a half-ton of metal, so be dependable about hanging over to change melodies.

  • Tap OK.

A toast message will show up saying the controls have been initiated, and now when we return to the fundamental route page you’ll see the YouTube Music application symbol beneath the “Report” button. Since we have it enabled, here’s the manner by which to really utilize it.

Instructions to utilize YouTube Music in Google Maps navigation mode

  • Tap the YouTube Music symbol.
  • Fundamental playback controls will appear underneath your residual separation and assessed appearance. Tap next track or past track as wanted.
  • In the event that you have to change to something different, tap Browse.
  • Nine playlists or blends will auto-populate in a little network. Tap your ideal playlist or tap the X to close the menu. There’s likewise an alternative to open the YouTube Music application, however they wouldn’t have any desire to do that while driving.

The playlists and blends will change after some time, yet only a brisk close and re-open of the Browse button won’t revive them, so in the event that you don’t perceive what you need in those nine alternatives, you’ll need to simply pick what’s there or smile and bear it until the following traffic light.

Google Assistant controls for YouTube Music don’t as of now permit you play an individual playlists by means of voice order, so your alternatives for changing playlists are constrained. You can, in any case, use voice orders to begin a blend dependent on a particular artist or tune.

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