Jaden Smith has removed a leaf from the Kardashian-Jenner playbook by coordinating his car to his garments.

Smith was seen in an up ’til now unreleased splendid pink hoodie from his own ERYS merchandise line while doing some shopping — with reusable bags, it’s significant — in Calabasas, California. Nothing strange, truly, aside from the reality the rapper has had his Tesla Model X enclosed by shocking pink to coordinate.

Dressing to coordinate individuals’ ride has turned into a definitive celebrity flex. Kanye West recently got his new Lamborghini Urus SUV enclosed by matte beige, which fits the neutral aesthetic of a great deal of his ‘fits. West’s wife Kim Kardashian took the pairing idea a step further, famously matching her neon green hair to her Lamborghini.

Kylie Jenner is particularly attached to coordinating her garments and cars, however it appears she just owns a great deal of vehicles in various hues. Smith, then again, seems to favor keeping the one car. The rapper is a major Tesla fan, having purchased the Model X before it was even available and performed on a suspended Model X during his Coachella set for the current year.

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